TV Bash Set Two DRAFT

Diane and Tara Geist – Comments about Outlaws and Crazy Elmer

Video Dedication – Kyle Isamoyer

Dedications – Rick Hartman

The Legend – C – Rick Hartman

Hickory Wind – G – Harry Prutzman

Intro to Mini Steel Jam – Rodney Loeb

Working Man – A

Lynn Stitzel song features:
Together Again – A – (cold start)
A Way To Survive – C

Last Date – C
Hello Mary Lou – G
Dreams Of A Dreamer – E
Till I Gain Control Again – D

15 Years Ago – D – Dave Rehrig

Those Memories – B – Haley Sheeler
Sweet Memories – E – Haley Sheeler

Look At Us – Eb/E – Rick Hartman

House Band Lineup:
Rick Hartman – bass and vox
Chris Moyer – drums
Lynn Stitzel – elec guitar
Mitch Wolfe – keyboard
Mark James/Keith Brobst – rhythm guitar(s) as needed

Rob Segal – pedal steel
Henry Cassel – pedal steel
Dennis Rehrig – pedal steel

Joined by:
Harry Prutzman – guitar/vox on Hickory
Dave Rehrig – vox on 15 Years Ago
Haley Sheeler – guitar/vox on Those Memories and Sweet Memories

Above personnel subject to revision – check this post for updates.