Streaming Show CS Trio Setlist Candidates

Country Sunset Trio MPTF Streaming Show OCT 8

1 Everybody’s Talking/Jet Plane D
2 Son Of A Sailor G
3 Come Monday A
4 Will’s Point C
5 Teach Your Children D
6 Sweet Virginia
7 Hey Good Lookin/Cheating Heart C
8 Sleepwalk C
9 Panama Red C
10 Tequila Sunrise G
11 You and Tequila G
12 Death Of An Unpopular Poet G
13 Canadian Sunset G
14 Forever Amen D
15 God Bless The USA C

Additional considerations:

Get Along G

Kansas City Southern E
My Maria D
Dixieland Delight G
Orange Blossom Special E

Wagon Wheel G

All My Exes G
Better Class Of Loser G

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